New York Times
“His tautly modernist score [Big Sky] avoided folkloric clichés. As for showing off the orchestra, it did that exceptionally, giving every section (most notably the percussion) a thorough workout.

New York Times
“Mr. Jalbert provided a smooth replica of the hedonistic colors and brassy angst [Joyful Mysteries] so popular in orchestra writing these days 

Pittsburgh Tribune
L’oeil ecoute (The Eye Listens) gave the audience much to think about. Like every other piece of Jalbert I’ve heard. L’oeil ecoute is a pleasure to hear because the strong profile of its materials is handled with lucidity and rhythmic vitality.”

Seattle Post-Intellinger
In Aeternam (Forever) was the most poignant work on the program. And the most beautiful, as well it should be, for it is a memorial to the composer’s niece, who died at birth. The work often is dreamy in a melancholy way, sometimes austere, never maudlin and quiet.”

Arizona Daily Star
“Jalbert’s score (The Invention of the Saxophone) is sublime, with virtuosi turns for the saxophone. It’s a colorful work that pulsates with dramatic….Jalbert has you all but forget your notions about the sax’s dominant role in jazz. He redefines the instrument as a powerful voice in classical music, with superbly controlled phrases that don’t wander into jazz’s improvisational waters. But Jalbert doesn’t rob the sax of its sex appeal….”

San Francisco Chronicle
The program opened with “Les espace infinis,” a moody, lovely 10-minute mediation. The piece opens and closes with slow, sweet-toned clouds of string harmonies, punctuated in Mahlerian fashion by the harp. In between, these clouds coalesce into an emotionally charged upwelling before dissipating again, creating a simple, satisfying arch. The performance was aptly tender and sensitive.

Newark Star Ledger
“darkly lyrical” cello sonata

Philadelphia Inquirer
“…a soulful violin solo [Wild Ambrosia], floats through a dreamy passage, and emerges into a galloping anxiety. Jalbert said he wrote the piece with the performers in mind - a gesture the players reciprocated with generous exactitude and high spirit.”   

Dallas News
“This [String Quartet No. 4] proved an appealing and dramatic four-movement essay in modernist gestures.”

New Yorker
"an acknowledged chamber-music master."

American Academy of Arts and Letters
"Pierre Jalbert’s music immediately captures one’s attention with its strong gesture and vitality.  Rich in instrumental color and harmonically engaging, its narrative is dramatically compelling yet always logical in its flow.  In the orchestral Chamber Symphony, big sky, and Fire and Ice, and in numerous chamber compositions, he synthesizes an array of current musical resources into bold, deeply satisfying, personal statements that surprise and delight."